Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: GM “New Look” Transit Bus Resting Under The Stars – The End Of The Route

This photo by Robin Shaw grabbed me. How could it not, the most iconic American transit bus ever, and one I drove during my stint at Iowa City Transit. And here’s London, ONT number 59, resting peacefully under the stars, dreaming of the millions of miles and passengers from its many years of service.

This looks like a 40′ transit bus, and probably from the 1960s, as it also appears to have a 6V-71 DD back there. Later versions of the 40 footer typically had the huskier 8V-71. The big Allison VH torque converter is visible on the right, angled to direct its output to the rear axle. These were just a wide ratio torque converter that locked up into direct mechanical drive at some 30-35 mph, with a very noticeable jolt.

For a more detailed look at the New Look, head here for my full CC on them.

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