Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Grumman KubVan – Smallest Step Van Ever, But It Won’t Rust Like The Sprinter

posted at the Cohort by Owen

Here we go again; another Niedermeyer box. But this is a very special one, and mighty rare. It’s the smallest step van ever made in the US to my knowledge, as is obvious with that towering Sprinter next to it. And since it’s a Grumman, it’s made out of aluminum, so it’ll never rust. Someone’s stripped this one of its paint, like the American Airline planes of yore.

Tiny, FWD, and powered by a VW Rabbit/Golf 54 hp diesel drive train. Why? It was the early eighties, when oil was tight and expected to keep getting tighter. Grumman built this with the hopes of winning a USPS contract, but it was even too small for them, so they went back to the drawing board and came up with the still-used LLV, one or two notches bigger.

The result was that only some 500 of the KubVans were ever built, so this is a rare find. I found one some years back, and if you want all the details I could muster on the Kubvan, head over to my CC on it.