Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Jeep Cherokee (XJ) With 2.1 L Renault Turbo Diesel

It’s long been my ambition to find a Jeep Cherokee with the Renault 2.1 L Turbo Diesel. No such luck, but then I’m not surprised as they were only sold in very small numbers in the US, between 1985-1987. Not surprisingly, Roshake 77 had better luck in Budapest, where he found this one. The Cherokee was of course designed from the get-go to also be sold in Europe by Renault, and the little 85 hp turbo diesel four fit into that equation.

I’ve never seen one of the European Cherokees with the Distribué Par Renault badging on the right rear. Here’s how it looks in close-up:

The “2  .  1” lettering is oddly spaced, and doesn’t match the rest of the type face.

In Europe, the 2.1 TD was sold all the way through 1994, when it was replaced by the VM 2.5L turbo diesel, packing a much more substantial 114 hp and 221 lb.ft of torque compared to the 132 lb.ft. of the Douvrin 2.1.


My in-depth CC on the Cherokee and its French connection is here