Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Johnson Phantom – Fanfare For The Uncommon Man

Oh joy! A car that we’ve never seen before has appeared at the Cohort, thanks to Matt Z. And not just any car, but another from that golden era of American retro-kitschmobiles, in this case a Johnson Phantom. Oh my, what an inspired and elegant thing it is indeed. And ever so rare: only 60 of these were built in the 80s and 90s, based obviously on the GM F-Body, the Firebird specifically. Why a Firebird and not a Camaro? You may well ask. But I doubt you’ll get an answer, as the phones at Johnson Automotive are not getting answered these days.

A very impressive front end, complete with four trumpets to play your favorite fanfare. Probably not the Fanfare for the Common Man.

Now I know why they chose the Firebird; because its interior was significantly better than the RubberMaid one in the Camaro. This one looks to have been enhanced a bit further. (Update: this is a Camaro dash, so presumably the Phantom was based on it and not the Firebird. Makes sense.)

And bringing up the rear is this delightful little butt.

If you’re as moved as I am and have an extra $45k burning a hole in your pocket, there’s one for sale here at Hemmings. But better hurry, because I’m counting up my pennies.