Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Lamborghini Countach – But Is It Faster Than A Camry V6?

I’m not sure where Cohort poster JC lives, but I think it may well be Carmel, CA. That would explain the number of rather rarefied cars he’s found parked at the curb there, including this Countach. Too bad it’s not parked next to a Camry, which would allow a visual comparison as well as a comparison of their acceleration times, which we did here, with rather surprising results.

This is a later LP400S, 500S or 500 QV (Quattrovalvole), but I’m not going to try to pin it down. It’s not one of the very late 25th Anniversary Editions, which tells you what a very long life the Countach had (1974-1990). But only 1983 were built over that quarter century, so they’re not exactly common.