Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Lancia Gamma Coupe – It Still Draws Stares

I assume she’s checking out that Gamma coupe, although it’s the kind of car more likely to attract the attentions of a male, given its reputation of being a classic “Italian mistress” type of car. This fine example of Pininfarina’s coupe-making was shot by crash71100 in Switzerland. It’s a car we’ve covered before here some years back, but one that’s rather fallen off my radar.

It has some rather unusual aspects under the skin, including a 2.5 L boxer four, very much like a Subaru. Its reputation for a number of frailties is rather un-Subaru like, but it looks better than anything  Subaru ever made, except for their SVX.

The Gamma was built from 1976-1984 in two series, with the second beginning in 1980. The coupe model was built from 1977 on, and the wheel design suggests that this a 1977-1979 Gamma Series 1 coupe.

If you want to know the grisly details of what life with a Gamma was like, this post at CC includes a lengthy commentary by a reader in the UK who spills his guts on the subject. It’s not nearly as pretty as looking at one.