Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Lazy Daze Class C RV On Chevy G30 HD Chassis – Why Didn’t All Big Vans Have Tilt Hoods?

Looking at this Lazy Daze Class C RV posted by So Cal Metro, it suddenly occurred to me: why didn’t all the full size vans have full tilt front ends, like on this Chevy Van G30 HD chassis?

I understand that this is something of an oddball, a G30 HD chassis with its considerably extended nose. I assume the engine might well have been moved forward in this chassis, although I’m not quite sure if or why. But in any case, that tilt down hood must make servicing much easier than through the mail slot sized hoods on the vans. The one on my ’77 Dodge Chinook was a colossal pain. Replacing the water pump was more like brain surgery.

Is there any good reason the whole front end on the regular vans couldn’t have tilted?