Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Lincoln Versailles – It’s Nice To Know Someone Loves Their Versailles

posted by J.C.

I’ve vented my feelings for the Versailles quite adequately here, and once is enough for a lifetime. That was some ten years ago, and I’ve not seen one since. And my appreciation for the love and care owners bestow on their old cars, even a Versailles, has grown since then. So although I’m not going to suddenly take it all back and wax eloquently about Ford’s blatant attempt to ape the Cadillac Seville with a barely tarted up Granada, I will just say it’s nice to know that there’s one out there getting this amount of TLC.

The mark-up for the Lincoln grille, fake rear tire hump, a few external dood-dads, rear disc brakes and a nice interior was…300% of the price of a Granada.  You be the judge.

This one is absolutely pristine. Hidden away in a garage for 45 years? Or lovingly restored? Is that even possible?

I’m speechless.

CC 1977 Lincoln Versailles:  Pig In A Poke   PN