Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mazda Verisa – Very Satisfactory

posted by RiveraNotario

As is my custom once a day or so, I cruised over to the Cohort to see what was new. Not only did I find myself in the very scenic town of Puerta Natales, Chile, but also looking at a car I did not recognize. Let’s take a closer look.

As you know, I’m inherently attracted to tallish but compact cars, so this was intriguing. Not surprisingly, it’s from Japan, where those qualities have made tiny kei vans the best selling cars in the land. This is Mazda Verisa, bigger than a kei; it’s built on the Mazda DY platform, which was co-developed with Ford, which used it for their B-platform Fiesta (5th generation).

The Verisa was built between 2004-2015, and only sold on the Japanese market. But like so mnay Japanese used cars, they’re popping up all over the world, including Chile. Rivero says that they’re converted to LHD. I guess they don’t allow RHD cars there? I wonder how they do that conversion.

Here’s another on the go passing a Mazda Demio/Mazda2. This is a bit confusing, as these two seem to be built on the same platform at the same time, and both are tall hatchbacks. The Demio was exported unlike the Verisa. Presumably the Verisa was sold at a different sales channel in Japan.

Cute. it just needs to be a couple of inches taller, for my taste.