Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mercedes 190 SL – A Gallery Of Seduction

xiao car has posted a series of shots of a 190 SL he encountered at the curb somewhere in Germany.  They’re great photos of a very lovely car, and since today is turning out to be something of an impromptu Mercedes day, it seems fitting to share them here.

I admit to having been something of a snob about the 190 SL for many decades. As beautiful and appealing as it was, my father calling it a damensportwagen at a time when I was still very susceptible to his proclamations left a lingering doubt as to its true worthiness, especially in comparison to its big brother, the 300 SL. Well, compared to that übermaschine, just about every other sports car was a damensportwagen.

A more grownup reading of history (and this excellent vintage review) shows that the 190 SL was a very competitive sports tourer at the time it came out in 1956, even if it clearly wasn’t oriented to amateur racing. It doesn’t deserve that derogatory term, except perhaps in terms of its seductive powers.

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