Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mercedes 300CE (W124) Coupe – A Bit Too Anodyne?

Roshake 77 found and posted a car that has never had its 15 minutes of CC fame. I’ve shot one some years back, but it jest ended up as a single shot in my rather emotive W124 CC, where I called it “The  Best Car Of The Past Thirty Five Years”. Make that closing in on forty years.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, I could never muster quite as much enthusiasm for the coupe—which arrived three years later—than for the original sedan. Why would that be?

I should clarify that: I was impressed when it first came out. It was slick and finely chiseled. But that initial enthusiasm started to weaken with time. It was a bit too anodyne, and the roof line could have used a bit more verve, or something. It just lacked the visual pizazz one might expect, given its lofty price. I thought the new Honda Accord coupe was just as well designed, if not better.

Given its shorter wheelbase, is rear seat legroom, already none to generous in the sedan, undoubtedly is not very family-friendly, never mind the ingress and .egress

That’s not to say I wouldn’t have happily taken one.

CC Mercedes W124: The Best Car Of The Past Thirty Five Years