Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mercedes 300SE Cabriolet (W112) – A Rare and Pricey Gem – What’s It Worth Today?

J.C. shot and posted a Mercedes 300SE cabriolet, not to be confused with the very similar-looking 220/250/280SE (W111) cabriolet. The 300SE (W122) shared the same body as the more pedestrian versions, but shared the air suspension, three liter six, standard automatic and power steering and vastly upgraded interior with the W112 sedans (300SEL). And of course the extra chrome, including the side trim and wheel arches.

In price, it towered over the lesser versions too, at $12,573, for a 1964 model. That’s a bit north of $106k adjusted for 2020 dollars. The only more expensive Benz was the “Grosse” 600.

Guess what it’s worth today?

According to Hagerty’s online valuation tool, it’s: $101,000. Or almost exactly what it cost new, in adjusted dollars. That doesn’t exactly make it a stellar investment over the long haul, but then it’s undoubtedly given a lot of “free” pleasure to its owner(s). Well, not counting maintenance and repairs.


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