Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mercury Tracer – How Did You End Up In Hungary?

We’ve seen a vast array of cars shot and posted by Roshake in Hungary. But a Mercury Tracer? That I didn’t expect. And we know it wasn’t an original import; were any Mercurys ever officially sold in Europe?

For those that missed it, the Tracer was a Mazda 323 clone, that preceded the next generation 323-based Escort/Tracer. It was a bit of an anomaly, but a rather attractive one, as it was a much better car in just about every way than the Lynx, a badge engineered gen1 (US) Escort. The Mazda 323 was a highly competitive car back then, commonly ranking right up there with the Civic in reviews and comparisons.

I rented a Tracer once, in Alaska. Picked it up in Anchorage for a multi day tour of the Kenai Peninsula/Homer. It was part of an en epic three week trip up there in 1989, and we savored every minute of it. The Tracer served us well’ much nicer than the mediocre Escort we rented in Colorado some years earlier.

We’ve got an excellent CC on the Tracer by Perry Shoar, who did a superb job on so many cars during his tenure here at CC, especially Japanese and European ones.