1966 New Cars Complete Price Data – What Would You Buy?

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  • Let’s pretend:   It is August, 1966, and you are a 20 year old guy (about to be 21) headed back to college for your junior year. Your parents have decided to help you buy a car, but it must be a new 1966 Chrysler, Ford, or GM product.  Because the model year is ending and the1967s are arriving on dealers lots, it is possible to buy a car at wholesale (aka dealer invoice).  Your parents will pay delivery charges, tax, title, license, etc. and include you on their insurance.  You will be responsible for gas and maintenance.

  • Scenario #1 – The budget is $2000 for the wholesale price of the car plus options.  What car would you choose?
  • Scenario #2 – Your Aunt Lucile sees what you are considering and says she wants you in something better.  She kicks in $500 (Thanks, Aunt Lucille!), so now your budget is $2500.  Which car would you select now?
  • Scenario #3 – Your Aunt Vivian hears about this and says that if Lucille is contributing $500, she will too! Now your budget is $3000. Her only condition is that you take her for a ride as soon as you get your new car.  What will you and Aunt Viv be riding in?
  •  Scenario 4 – Your Uncle Rich hears about all this and says,  “Listen, sport, you are only 21 once. Pick out whatever you want, and I will pay for everything above the $3000 the family is putting in. Also, I will set you up on my gas credit card so you won’t have to worry about that either.”  What will be arriving in your driveway now?
  • Scenario #5 – By some miracle, you wake up one morning and are totally responsible, wise, reasonable, careful, and a maker of nothing but good decisions.  How would your choices change in this (extremely unlikely) case…or would they?
  • Clicking on the image at the top will provide all the data needed.  (Helpful tip: Articles about most of these cars can be found in the Curbside Classics Archives.)