Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Opel Rekord (P2) – Still On The Streets In Mexico City

RiveraNotario found a number of great CCs in Mexico City, but this has to be the rarest, especially as it looks to still be a “driver”. It’s an Opel Rekord (P2), which was made from 1960 through 1963. We featured the coupe version here last year, but this is the much more common 2-door sedan.

The Opel Rekord was the second most popular car in Germany during the fifties and early sixties, after the VW. It was a class or two above the Beetle; a relatively roomy and very conventional sedan, as had been the formula for Opel (and Ford) in Germany for quite a long time.

The P2 was not sold in the US, unlike its predecessor P1, which was pretty common here. GM’s 1960 and 1961 compacts made it irrelevant as an import, but the Kadett came stateside in 1964, as it was a direct VW competitor.

Power was via a 1.5 or 1.7 L pushrod four, making 50/55 hp, although there was an “S” version of the 1.7 that made a whopping 60 hp. The standard transmission was a column-shifted three speed, and a four speed (also column-shifter) was optional.

All in all, the P2 was mostly just a new, slightly bigger body on the chassis of the P1.

There was a four door sedan, but its number were minuscule compared to the two-door sedan (and wagon). Germans were big on two doors, for some reason, unlike the French, who pretty much insisted on four doors, and their smallest and cheapest cars (2CV, Renault 4CV, etc.) all had four doors. Some kind of cultural thing that’s hard to pin down.

This one is sporting an interesting bumper override bar; it’s not one I’ve seen before. Made to take on the rough traffic of Mexico City? It’s survived surprisingly well.


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