Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Puch G – Say “Puch”, Not “Pooch” or “Putsch”

The main reason I picked this Puch G posted by Roshake is because…I heard two British guys discussing a Puch engine in a video, and one kept calling it a “Pooch”, and the other a “Putsch”. Ouch. Ok, I know the German “ch” is a bit challenging for English speakers to pronounce, but come on; if you’re going to make several Youtube videos on the subject, maybe a wee bit of effort?

I love the word “Puch”, because of course it’s the name of a storied Austrian company, one that made some wonderful cars , motorcycles, bicycles and other high-quality things.  Puchs were everywhere in Austria back then; my mother’s bicycle, my aunt’s car, Puch mopeds everywhere in the streets. And I love saying “Puch” out loud. It reminds me of my roots; it’s hard to think of a word that’s more Austrian than Puch.

So here’s how not to say it:

Ivan from Shed racing says “Pooch” for the first time at about 0:35, and his guest says “Putsch” at 1:20. For that matter, I have a heard time understanding Ivan at all, in his mumbling British.

If the German “ch” is really that hard, here’s a tutorial on how to pronounce it.

The Puch G is of course a Mercedes G, but badged as a Puch prior to 2000 when it was sold in certain countries: Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Yugoslavia (and its successor states: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia), Mongolia, and Eastern European COMECON countries. Given that this one is wearing Austrian tags, we can assume it’s from before the year 2000. As to a more precise model year, someone more knowledgeable is going to have to tell us, but it’s pretty obviously not a very early one either; most likely from the 1990s.

No plaid cloth seats like in the late 70s, early-mid ’80s.

I used to really want one of the early ones, before they became a thing. And then more of a thing. And then still more of a thing. Who could have predicted that when it came out in 1979? Not me. It’s almost painful to see one now, especially a fully-kitted out AMG, or do they have Maybach versions now?

If you’ve done your homework and watched that tutorial, now you can all say “Puch” with me. And if you still can’t, just say “Pook”, trying to soften the k some, which is still way better than “Pooch” or “Putsch”.