Cohort Pic(k) of the Day/QOTD: “My Rusty First Car” – Did You Have A Rusty First Car?

John Lloyd posted this picture of his first car, with this comment:

1950 Oldsmobile 88, in 1963. Five litre V-8 (303 cubic inches), four speed Hydramatic transmission, weighed 3500 pounds. Beautiful gray wool upholstery that had seat covers on it since new. Of course we took them off. It was pretty dependable even though we were kids and didn’t know much about what we were doing. Got a four barrel carb and manifold off a ’53 and looked great but I don’t think it made it noticeably faster. The whitewalls were the famous Port-A-Walls from the J C Whitney catalog.

Did you have a rusty first car?

My ’63 Corvair Monza, which was given to me by my older brother, had a body  generally in great shape for a 10 year old car. But it had rust holes in the front fender caps, although mine were in the top of the fender, as I recall. There was obviously an issue with these, in terms of moisture getting trapped there. Otherwise there was no visible rust anywhere.

Although I knew then that the 4-speed Monza was something special already, and that ideally I’d find a barn to stash it in, at the time I was constantly on the move and in no position to deal with it. And in the end, I abandoned the Corvair, the circumstance of which still pain me.

There’s nothing like the intense memories of a first car. I’m sure you have some too.