Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Red Chryslers, Then and Now

I assume it was intentional, but in any case this pairing of red Chryslers posted by Jim Copek was too good to pass up. I was able to pin down the year of the Chrysler (1950) easily enough, but that’s obviously harder—and largely irrelevant—with the Pacifica minivan. What I can’t pin down is whether this is a Royal or New Yorker, as it has the Highlander interior package, which also supersedes the badging for the underlying model.

I did not realize that these Highlander interior packages also included this exterior badging.

Here’s what it’s all about: a tartan wool blanket weave seat upholstery combined with leather. Definitely my preferred choice in theses. Still looks terrific, especially with the popularity of Pendelton wool items these days. I’m a bit surprised there isn’t a Pendelton interior package yet on some car.

The Chrysler’s tail end.

The longer front end on the Royal and New Yorker made room for the longer straight eight, and of course looked more prestigious. But that’s the origin of these longer front ends on tip-tier models, a tradition that was kept for some time yet.