Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Renault Service Jeep Cherokee – The French Connection

My CC on the Jeep Cherokee XJ focused heavily on its French connection. The Cherokee, the seminal compact four-door SUV would not likely have ever existed, or certainly not in its final form had it not been for Renault’s heavy involvement. They put up the $150 million for its development, and sent its best development engineer, Francois Castaing, to guide it to fruition. Renault wanted the Cherokee to be suitable for France and the European market, and undoubtedly its relatively light unibody and other details reflect that.

We’ve yet to ever see one of these “Renault” Cherokees in its home turf until crash71100 posted this at the Cohort. And in Renault Service livery, no less. That seals the deal. I’m not sure of its exact year, but it looks to be pre-1994, which means it most likely has the Renault 2.1L Turbo-Diesel, which was also offered for three years in the US but found few takers.


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