Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Rolls Royce Wraith – The Personal Luxury Coupe Lives, For A Price

My old friend Paul sent me these shots of a R-R Wraith. It’s a car I’m not very likely to ever encounter in Eugene. I’ve been exposed to in pictures around the time it first came out in 2013 or so, but have never really thought about it since. But for those that have bemoaned the loss of big American coupes, here’s just the ticket:  122.5″ wheelbase and 207.4″ length, just like the good old days. Its 5,368 pounds even exceeds that some. As does its 623 hp turbocharged 6.6 L V12. But then for some $330,000, a bit of power and extra road-hugging weight are in order, no?

Its fastback is styling is bound to be a bit polarizing. Paul called it “Unsightly”. I’m not sure I would use that word, except perhaps for the lack of rear vision. As a lover of classic fastbacks, this one works pretty well for me. It evokes some of the Italian PF coupes of the fifties, like the Aurelia B20. I think I’d like to see one in a monochrome paint job.

Obviously, it also harks back to the classic Bentley Continental coupe too, but its tail was a bit more restrained and not so bulbous.

The Wraith’s front end is certainly the most toned-down of the family, and looks almost modest given the very flamboyant and exaggerated front ends on so many contemporary cars and trucks.

Don’t overlook the “suicide” front doors. The Wraith has a convertible counterpart, the Dawn.

While I’m not exactly blown away, a monochrome version would make a rather surprisingly unpretentious (visually) car if price was no object.

If the Wraith coupe is too invisible for you, R-R has you covered, with two “Bespoke” cars that might interest you. There’s this Swept Tail, for some $13 million.

And ratcheting up some more, the new Boat Tail will set you back some $25-28 million, although that’s just a number thrown around, as the specifics are dependent on whether you want air conditioning and an automatic. But if you’re thrifty, the three speed column-shifted manual does just fine with the turbo V12. In fact, you hardly have to shift it at all.