Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Shot In Nevada, Utah and Idaho

Ralf K (Don Kincl) has posted a few more shots at the cohort, and when I saw this splendid collection of cars resting in Wells, Nevada, I bit. We didn’t get through Wells, but Nevada is a serious challenger to the top CC state in the nation. There’s old cars piled up like cordwood everywhere. My assumption is that it’s significantly more expensive to haul a junker the long distance it would take to the nearest commercial junkyard than to just leave it sit.

Of course these cars are in a slightly different category, as someone is likely still dreaming of restoring them. Actually, the rather rare Mercury convertibel looks to be roadworthy, just not with a top. The Riviera is a much more iffy proposition. There’s a fine looking ’60 Plymouth back there too.

Here’s some more from neighboring states:

Love this shot of a ’54 Dodge resting peacefully in Beryl Junction, ID. And it’s in good company.

This Mark V shot in Hines, OR is in the company of a lot of ratty old RVs. But there’s a Duster to talk to, about the good old days.