Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Suzuki Every Wagon 4×4 – My Latest Lust Object

CC’s Jerome Solberg apparently was in Japan recently, as he posted some finds on his Flickr page. What grabbed my attention was this 4×4 Suzuki Every Wagon; you know how I love tall, small boxy vehicles, right? And like to do a bit of off-roading? And like to be miserly with fuel? This is the perfect combination of both.

This picture from the web makes it easier to take in the whole (little) thing. 94″ wheelbase. 134″ overall length; that’s 25″ less than the wheelbase of my Promaster. This would make a perfect dinghy to tow behind it.

Plenty of ground clearance under that solid rear axle. It’s a kei van, so its powered by a 657 cc triple, in naturally aspirated or turbo version. I’ll take mine with the 5-speed manual, please.

A huge back seat. And check out the ’70’s upholstery! Reminds me of my ’77 Chinook. And with the back folded, or out, there’s a huge amount of room in there. Perfect for turning into a micro-van camper.

If only it was available now, instead of having to wait 25 years.

Jerome also shot this row of Suzukis at a dealer; the front is a truck, then two Every Wagons, and then two Jimnys. I could do a bit of tire kicking here…