Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: The Mystery of the 1963 Buick Special

This shot of a 1963 Buick Special in repose reminds me that we have never addressed the mystery that I see in its styling. We’ve had a CC on a ’63 Skylark, but it did not address it.

The mystery is: since the ’63 Special/Skylark had a major restyle, with completely new front and rear ends, why did they choose to make it look so much like the out-going 1962 big Buick?

And not make it look like the refreshed ’63 big Buick, whose front end looks and feels quite different? There’s no logical explanation, eh? Especially since the ’61 Special/Skylark had such decidedly similar-looking front ends, with the same bladed fenders and all.

Oddly enough, although the ’63 Special/Skylark’s front end harkened back to 1962, its new rear end in ’63 (top) predicted the ’64 Special/Skylark’s rear end, and had no similarity to the big Buicks.

A bit odd, eh?

As to its greenhouse, the four door sedan with its six-window style was looking more than a bit out of date. Yes, the big C-Bodies still offered that style, but the movement away from that was very strong, and it hadn’t been offered on the LeSabre/Invicta since 1960. Compared to cars like the ’62 Fairlane and such, it looks years older. In fact, it looks all-too much like a 1962 Electra (bottom), except that the actual greenhouse on the Special looks even older, due to the curvature of the C-Pillar and rear side window.

Why didn’t the 1961 B-O-P compacts get a sedan version of the much more forward-looking 1961 B-Body four-door hardtops?

Or at least share the “flying wing” sedan roof as used on the ’61 LeSabre and of course the ’60 Corvair?

We shall never know. But coming out with a state-of-the art new compact in 1961 wearing a roof style from the late ’50s seems odd, as does the ’62 style front end on the restyled ’63.