Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: The Mystery Of The Farm Implement Being Towed Sideways

I was cruising the Cohort, and when I came across this shot posted by canadiancatgreen, I was a bit flummoxed.  What was I seeing? It wasn’t until I enlarged it that I could at least see what it was, a large farm implement (hay mower?) sitting sideways on a trailer. It took me a wee bit longer (I know; I’m slow) to figure out why that would be better than in a more typical north-south position.

I assume it’s because this implement is commonly moved with its large front cutting attachment, so moving it sideways is the only realistic way possible. But in this case it looks like the cutting attachment is not being moved.

Not exactly earth-shattering stuff here, but solving minor mysteries like this keeps me on my toes.