Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Volvo PV445 Duett – The Swedish Suburban

The first time I saw a Duett I fell in love. These were quite uncommon in the US, and I’d already fallen in love with my brother’s best friend’s PV544 hunchback sedan. But I’ve got a thing for roomy cars, big enough to sleep in and even live in, as I was (still am, somewhat) a nomadic soul. When I encountered that Duett, I was shocked, because I did not know it existed, which was a rather rare occurrence for me back then.

So when I ran into this fine example at the Cohort, posted by mncarspotter, I fell in love again. I’d love to take it home with me.

Although it’s obviously based on the PV444/544, the PV445 Duett is a bit different under the skin, as it has a full frame, to make it suitable to carry heavy loads and also be configured as a pickup and such. It was a very common commercial vehicle in Sweden, widely used by various fleets such as the phone company and such. And of course it appealed to tradesmen and others needing a roomy vehicle.

We have a much more detailed article on the Duett written by Ingvar Hallstrom, who is Swedish.