Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Winnebago LeSharo – A Rare Survivor

Tim Finn found a veritable uncorn: a Winnebago LeSharo, from the eighties. Given that they were powered by a Renault four cylinder, initially a diesel, but when that turned out to be troublesome, it was replaced by a gas version. Either way, it was not exactly destined to be a long-life vehicle.

But the huge boom in vans and other RVs has given a lot of old and tired vans and such a new lease on life, and sometimes crazy prices. 

There was an outfit that converted these to use a Chrysler FWD minivan V6 drivetrain; maybe this one has been blessed with that.

The later VW van versions (Rialto) were built for quite a while, and are still a hot commodty. One of my tenants bought one. It had to be towed home on at least one occasion.

I found one about ten years ago and did a full write-up on it here.