Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: 1960s-80s Ford Falcons In South America

Today I got a few submissions to share from riveranotario, recently posted at the Cohort. We’ll start with this silhouette, showing the familiar Ford Falcon we all know. As can be seen, this one still provides daily service to some driver down in Buenos Aires.

The one thing about this worn-out Falcon is it’s most likely of Argentinian origin, as most Fords from South America tend to be. It’s a chapter that’s already been covered at CC.

This later wagon clearly shows these are not your garden-variety Falcons. In that previous CC post, the Argentinian Falcon was called Near-Immortal for a good reason. The model started assembly in Argentina in 1962 and was to remain in production for almost 30 years.

Back in ’62, the model appeared solely as a 4-door and sported either a 170CID or a 187CID six. The Falcon would go through minor styling and drivetrain updates until the Ghia of 1982 arrived, the model’s most extensive revamp until the end of its run in 1991. It’s the generation to which the wagon above belongs.

If you wonder what the ’82 Falcon Ghia restyle truly looks like, here it is. I know it takes some getting used to these ‘alternative reality’ versions, but whatever your thoughts on the updated design, Argentinians took to it. Sales rebounded and the revised Falcon became the biggest seller in that nation in 1983, with 22K units sold.

Hardware-wise, by this time the Falcon offered either a 188CID or a 221CID six. An optional 2.3L 4-cyl. of Taunus origin was briefly available in ’82-’83. Sales of the Falcon finally started to recede in 1985, with production ending for good on Sept. 10, 1991. After 30 years, total production amounted to 494,029 units.

Let’s go to more familiar territory with this last image from riveranotario, showing an earlier version speeding away. Understandably, the Falcon enjoys a devoted fan base in South America to this day, as the model left a lasting legacy in the region.


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