Vintage Snapshot: 1965 Buick Riviera & 1965 Opel Kadett – As Prizes At The 1965 Buick Open?

I’m not enough of a golf fan to know what’s the story behind these. But I hope some reader will shed some light on the fate of these additional prizes for the 1965 Buick Open Invitational.

I admit I find the logic behind this whole gambit a bit convoluted. The champ drives a new Riviera Gran Sport for 5 years? Does he give it back after that? Am I reading too much into this one sign? Then there’s the “use of Riviera” option for the 5 runner-ups of the Invitational. What does “use of…” mean? Weekends? Only on golf courses?

In any case, more info from someone with deeper knowledge of either golf or Buicks will be needed to sort this one out.

As for the Opel, what type of Kadett the wife would get seems to have been up in the air. A lower-res image shows a different color Riviera and a wholly different Kadett Coupé posing along the same “His ‘n Hers” promo. Where did the red Kadett go?

So I can’t give you much background on the fate of these cars, but as for the 1965 Buick Open Invitational, Tony Lema was the champ with a $100K purse (about $970K today). And for the Buick Open Invitational, it was part of the PGA Tour and ran from 1958 to 2009.