Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: 1965 Impala and Biscayne – Needs Bigger Wheels and Tires

JK posted this fine shot of a ’65 Impala sedan at the Cohort and added some tilt-shift effect to make it look a bit more like an exceptionally accurate model in a diorama. I know there’s some here that would cry “heresy”, but it sure could use a bit bigger tires, and slightly wider wheels. These look pretty close to the grossly-undersized tires (7.35 x 14) that these came with when new. That that equates to a P185/80R14 tire. Some 6″ wide  15″ wheels with an appropriate tire size would help fill out those massive wheel well caves. Of course then the original wheel cover might not fit, but maybe there’s a way. Or put on dog dishes.

Like the ’65 Biscayne he also  posted:

That’s just about right. Not too big, not too small. And it undoubtedly handles, brakes and rides better too.


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