Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: Ralf K’s Finds In Arizona – The DeSoto That Ate Its Tarp, And Six More

It’s been too long since we had some shots by “Ralf K” (Don Kincl), but he just posted some new ones at the Cohort, all of them from Arizona. I love this one, a ’51 DeSoto that looks like it’s just about finished munching through its tarp cover with that very effective set of Choppers. This was shot in Tucson.

A sweet fastback Chevy parked at a well-preserved Shell gas station in Lowell. Reminds me of the Sunoco station in Towson where I worked alone on Saturdays, at the age of 15. Seriously.

I still wonder at how I got that job. My best friend’s older brother worked there, but he was off to Vietnam, so I just went to the station after school and asked the owner, who also owned a small cab company, if I could have that job. He looked me over and said yes.

I read an article the other day that said that entry level jobs for young guys were going begging because of all the draftees going to Vietnam. I’d never thought about that, but it probably was a factor. Or the owner just didn’t want to be bothered looking for someone else.

I love these Tri-five wagons; my favorite body style. It reminds me that the guy who owned that gas station also bought the ’57 Chevy sedan that my brother’s friend owned and needed to sell. It seemed a bit odd that this guy would buy an eleven year-old Chevy, but it was in very solid shape and he drove it for some time. Also in Lowell.

Now here’s a perfect rig to make a fab camper bus: a Crown bookmobile. Tall roof, straight sides, and presumably a big noisy Cummins under the floor. Found in Wilcox.

A solid original gen1 Barracuda, and apparently a six, given the lack of a V8 badge. Shot in Tucson.



Is the Corvette dead and ready to be hauled off by the Cadillac hearse to the graveyard? Rather seems that way.

Last but certainly not least, a sweet little Comet, a ’62, I believe. Another Tucson find.