Cohort Sighting: 1939 Graham “Shark Nose” Supercharged Coupe – A Bit Too Far Ahead Of Its Time


Graham 1939 shark nose coupe sfq

(first posted 10/19/2015)   CC Cohort Gene Herman posted this “Freshwater Shark Sighting”, or more specifically, a 1939 Graham “Shark Nose” Supercharged Coupe. Yes, it’s a bold design, and not just for its dramatic reverse-slanted front end. I found a Shark Nose sedan in Eugene, and did a CC on it here, but I’ve never seen a coupe in person.

It was designed by Amos Northup, one of the most talented and progressive designers of his time. His superb 1931 Reo Royale was followed shortly by the 1932 Graham Blue Streak, often considered “the most imitated car” of 1932, as so many 1933 models from other brands paid homage too its advanced flowing radiator grille and other aerodynamic design elements. For 1938, Northrup really let out all the stops, and…jumped the shark.

Graham 1939 shark nose coupe s

This was a very bold design for 1938, and as is often the case, it was a bit too far out there for America’s rather conservative tastes. This would have gone over well in Paris, but not on Main Street, USA. The car that was supposed to save Graham sunk it.

This coupe is even more delicious than the sedan, and my eyes and attention are having a hard time moving on to something else.

The full sob story here: CC 1940 Graham Shark Nose Supercharged Sedan