Cohort Sighting: 1958 Edsel Skyliner – It Should Have Been An Edsel All Along

Edsel 1958 skyliner fqimage posted at the Cohort by wainohg

(first posted 9/28/2015)    Looking at this alternate-reality Edsel Skyliner, the only thought I have is: The Skyliner should have been an Edsel. And only an Edsel.


Edsel 1958 skyliner rq

What the hell was Ford doing, always undercutting its mid-premium brands (Edsel, Mercury) with expensive and unique cars like the Thunderbird and Skyliner? Ford clearly seems to have lacked a certain conviction in their mid-premium brands by doing so.

The Skyliner would have fit in perfectly with Edsel’s image of being new and different, with its steering-wheel hub automatic transmission push buttons and other late 50s space-age doo-dads. Edsel needed a halo car, and the Skyliner would have been perfect for the job.

Edsel 1958 skyliner up

And a halo car should have its halo be able to float above it, right?

More on the Ford Skyliner: My CC on a the 1957 version.