Cohort Sighting: 1980 Ford Fairmont–The Finest Fairmont Anywhere


So many pristine originals or restored classics were the lust objects of their day–the most expensive, the fastest, or the most wildly styled. Such cars make our collective minds go all mushy when we see them; thankfully, an abundance of them have been restored. So it’s always great when someone lavishes such love on an everyday sedan like this Ford Fairmont, as spotted on the Curbside Classic Cohort over on Flickr and photographed by Foden Alpha.

Ford didn’t mess much with the Fairmont’s styling or trim over its 1978-83 run. However, it seems Ford did delete the hood ornament after 1980, so I’m semi-arbitrarily dating this car to that year.


We’ve dealt with the Fairmont a time or two before here at Curbside Classic. Once, we called it an honest car and the savior of the Ford Motor Company (CC here). Indeed, we all know the good things the Fairmont’s Fox platform spawned, most notably many, many years of Mustangs. From such dowdy beginnings came some great automobiles. Let’s face it, the Fairmont was never going to win any styling contests. Even the basket-handle Fairmont Futura (CC here) improved the looks only so much.

This Fairmont lives in British Columbia. It wears collector plates, which means somebody really, really cares about this car. I’m all for it: We need one of every workaday sedan saved for posterity. But now we have our one somnolently styled Fairmont; and that will do.