Cohort Sighting: 1985-1996 Chevy C10 – Otherworldly Workhorse

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I’ve always felt the 1988 Chevy and GMC full-size trucks to be style leaders in the best GM truck tradition, but this facelift of the third-generation C/K series built for Latin American markets borrows quite liberally from the late ’80s F-series we knew here in the US.  Like many of us, there are occasional cars I don’t recognize until I see them on CC’s pages, and I was unaware of the 1985-1996 Argentinian/Brazilian Chevy C10/C20/D20 pickup until I saw it in The Cohort, where it was posted by SoCalMetro.


As we see from the concave character line and vertical taillights, the seeming Ford influence continued around the body.  Powered by a variety of powerplants, the Latin American C10/C20 was one of the later homes of the 4.1 Chevy six, available in gasoline and alcohol powered versions (badged A20), as well as a 3.9 Perkins diesel and 4.0 Maxion diesels US buyers never saw.


The passing of time bore a greater foreign influence on the ergonomics and mechanicals of the third-gen C/K, with Opel-esque instrumentation and big four-cylinder turbodiesels conceived in a different spirit than the proto-“Brodozers” that US full-sizers were becoming by this mid ’90s, reflecting divergent consumer expectations.  It’s a bit visually jarring to see the rather square-rigged alterations to what was a somewhat rounded basic shape but despite a less-than-cohesive appearance, these trucks have a utilitarian look which just treads the right side of rustic.  If nothing else, getting the diesels here in the US would’ve been pretty cool.