Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: More Vintage Snapshots From Jon O’Grady

We looked at some of Jon O’Grady’s vintage snapshots about a week ago, and then a few more appeared at the Cohort. This on of an unidentified young woman sitting on the fender of a ’62 Valiant hardtop coupe is too good to pass up, as are others in the batch.

The Valiant makes a reappearance in this terrific shot of a young boy engrossed with what appears to be an engine. No, it’s not identified, and no, I can’t either. But In would not be surprised if one of you can.

The (presumably) O’Grady family had a thing for Ford 4×4 crew cabs, as there’s two of them in these photos, this one a Styleside along with a 1970 Polara.

Here’s the Flareside one, with a rather rugged looking bed probably made for the military or other government agency.

A 1998 Ford F150 and a 1970 Alpine snowmobile, already quite a vintage machine at the time.

Another shot of the 1975 GMC C25 Stepside truck with a camper.

I’m assuming this was in Alaska, or the Canadian far north?