Comment Outtake: Dallas Hop-A-Bus – Bunny-Eared GM New Look Bus

(I read all the comments; the good, the bad and the ugly (some of mine have fallen in that category recently). And every so often a comment and its attached picture is worth a separate posting. This one by Stephen Cumming was left at my GM “New Look” transit bus CC. There’s some nice car spotting too.)

The GM “New Look” buses had a long and storied history – one of the best mass transit vehicles ever built. There were many variations of paint schemes out there through the years, but none were as unique as the downtown circulator buses in Dallas, TX, that were known as the “Hop A Bus.”

There were two routes, one that went in a circular pattern through town in an east-west configuration, and one that went in a circulator pattern in a north-south configuration. A flat fare of 10 cents was charged, and the rider paid a fare each time they boarded the bus. What really made these buses unique was that the transit agency, Dallas Transit System came up with the idea of painting some of the buses used on these routes all pink, complete with a bunny face painted on the front, and a large, white fuzzy cotton tail painted on the rear engine cover door. To complete the idea, the paint scheme included two large bunny ears on the top of the bus! These buses were known all over the country – and most certainly the world – as visitors to the city that rode them, or saw them in the Downtown area always talked about them! There were stories of people who would come to Dallas on vacation and would make a side trip to Downtown Dallas to ride one of the pink Bunny Buses! The paint schemes were certainly unique and fondly remembered by many.