Cuba Outtakes: 1938 Ford Still Hard at Work, Along With a DKW, a Pair of 404s and a Studebaker

We’ve had several major features on the CCs of Cuba, but this has to be the oldest one we’ve seen so far that’s still at work on the street. This is a 1938 Ford, not exactly one of the best looking of that decade. We can only speculate what’s under the hood, but it is possible that it’s still the flathead V8, as this car looks more original than many in Cuba. Here’s some more oddballs:

A DKW F109 four door sedan. I really wonder what’s under its hood, as it would be quite difficult to replace its very compact three-cylinder two-stroke that sat right in front of the front axle center line. The larger rear tire might just be what was available, or it might be a hint that it’s been converted to RWD. But a closer look suggests these are the original wheels, so maybe they’ve found the fountain of youth for DKW engines in Cuba.

The last picture shows a pair of Peugeot 404s. These were obviously imported after 1959, although I haven’t noticed any particular preponderance of French cars imported to Cuba. The blue car has oversized rear wheels and tires, but the distinctive Peugept worm drive differential is still visible.

And there’s a ’53 Studebaker to round out this quartet of oddballs. E. Newman posted these at the Cohort.