Curtis Perry Gallery: A GMC “Cannonball” And A Whole Lot More

I’ve had GMC and Chevy trucks on the brain lately (along with Ferdinand Porsche’s war-time work, 1955 Hot Rod Magazines, and some vintage Road and Tracks), so when I saw this splendid GMC “cannonball” somewhere deep in Curtis Perry’s Photostream, I bit. And it’s got some stellar company, somewhere out in the West, Nevada most likely.

An older GMC COE is keeping it company.

Looks like the cannonball once earned its living in Iowa.

My favorite step van, an International Metro.

This Jeep pickup looks like it might be almost road-worthy.

A Dodge school bus.

With a stove pipe, and some fine curtains.

A Dodge Royal.

And a ‘5s Chevy, whose Super Highway bias-ply tire looks fairly new, somewhat surprisingly.