Curtis Perry On The Road: Dodge Charger SE – Cordoba Impersonator

CP a3

Curtis Perry, from Portland, OR., has been sharing a number of his great finds and photography at the Cohort, and we’ve seen several already. I’m going to do a little series of his on-the-road finds, starting with this weary Charger SE impersonating a Cordoba in front of an equally-weary old motel, in Ely, Nevada.

CP a9

These shots are poignant for me, as I love rumbling around the less-populated areas of the West, northern Nevada being one of my favorites. Time moves much slower in these remote parts of the country, as there’s generally been little economic stimulus to change.

CP a16 cordoba ely, nv

We’ve had the Cordoba  here a number of times, but I’m not sure if this exact version of Dodge’s near-identical twin has. But it’s always welcome back here at CC, especially in such a fine setting.


CC 1978 Cordoba: The Fine Little Chrysler (PN)

CC 1976 Chrysler Cordoba: Fine Corinthian Brougham  (Tom Klockau)