Curtis Perry Outtake: 1960 Edsel Ranger Four Door Sedan – One Of 1288 Built

Edsel 1960 Ranger CP

(first posted 1/2/2016)     Curtis Perry has uploaded a motherlode of fantastic finds and shots at the Cohort. We’ll work our way through them this coming week, but we have to get this 1960 Edsel in right near the top. It’s the first “found” ’60 Edsel here at CC, and this rare oddball needs to be shared. This pathetically-disguised 1960 Ford rear end has to be some kind of low-water mark.

Edsel 1960

I don’t think I need to tell anyone here that the 1960 Edsel was just a 1960 Ford playing dress-up, and only built through November of 1959, when the plug was pulled. As a kid, I wasn’t even aware of the 1960 Edsel until I saw one from the rear, and was mighty perplexed. I thought it was one of those Canadian oddballs until I read the EDSEL script. I was truly shocked and perplexed. I had thought all Edsels had the horse-collar grille.

And how rare is this 1960 Edsel? This four door sedan was the big seller, with all of 1, 288 sold. The rarest model would be the Villager 9 passenger wagon, with 59 sold. All together, 2,848 1960 Edsels were built, which explains why I didn’t even know they existed until confronted with one.