Curtis Perry Outtake: 1962 Ford Fairlane Four Door Sedan- Is It the Niedermeyer Less-Than-Fair Lane?

Curtis Perry just posted this shot at the Cohort, and it marks a milestone in the history of the internet: the first ’62 Fairlane (base model) black four door sedan to make it into the digital age. And why do I care so much?

It’s exactly what all six of the Niedermeyers squeezed into for their epic summer vacation trips between 1962 and 1965; never more than two in the front seat, and the rest in the back (my father couldn’t bear to have someone sit that close to him). I documented those delightful days here, trapped in the back seat (except the one brief leg on the three day dive to New York when my dad offered the front seat to me but couldn’t properly enjoy it because I felt guilty about my 6-month pregnant mom, my older brother and sister and younger brother all sardined in the back. Blame it on my Catholic upbringing).

Now I can use this to update that black chapter of my childhood. And in the future, should anyone want to do a Google search for a black 1962 Fairlane four door sedan, they’ll be sent here. Welcome!