Curtis Perry Outtake: 1966 Studebaker Commander – Save The Cost Of Changing Automobile Body Styles Every Year!

CP stude green side

(Update: it turns out this was mis-labeled, as it actually is a 1966. So some of the text and brochure info don’t quite jive. Sorry)   Curtis Perry uploaded a number of terrific Studebaker finds a while back, and I’m trying to finally get to them. Here’s a 1965, a year that we’ve certainly talked about in the past, but never really shot and featured. This was of course the year that all Studebakers now originated in Canada, at their Hamilton, Ontario factory, after South bend was shut down after the end of the 1964 model year. Which means this Commander is Chevy-powered, either the 194 CID six (120 hp) or the 283 V8, with 195 hp.

Studebaker 1965 -02

Studebaker’s headline on its 1965 brochure was desperate spin, as there was really nothing positive for them to say. Everyone knew that they were on their last legs, and sales utterly collapsed to less than 20,000. But your car will look new year after year!

CP Stude green back

I love the shot of this one sitting in front of that old house; too bad about the wire wheel covers. At least they can’t be seen from this angle.


Here’s Jim Cavanaugh’s detailed look at Studebaker’s styling over its last decade.