Curtis Perry Outtake: 1973 Chrysler Newport – “Reasonable Grounds To Believe It Is Abandoned”

Curtis Perry has uploaded some more great photos of his at the Cohort, including these of a 1973 Chrysler Newport he found by the side of the road near Petrolia, CA. I’ve been to Petrolia a few times, and it’s one of my favorite places in California, out on the Lost Coast area, which is very remote and sparsely populated, although that’s changed some in recent years with the cannabis boom.

The official authorities in this area have put a sticker on this car, which can be seen in the next shot. Not that it seems to have had much impact on the car. Who knows, it might still be there.

A Sheriff’s deputy or such put on this sticker, warning that “the Vehicle Code provides for removal of a vehicle when …reasonable grounds to believe it is abandoned”. I’d say that there are reasonable grounds.


Or more like unreasonable grounds. This poor old Chrysler is a rolling dumpster now.

Looks like a transmission on the windshield, or what’s left of it. Bonus points for identifying it, which undoubtedly some of you will.


I wonder what finally stopped the Chrysler here in its tracks? Something major? Or just a bad ballast resistor?


Not much sign of an exhaust anywhere in the rear. Maybe it had shorty pipes. Maybe it was used as the cannabis version of a moonshine runner, and it got pulled over here and the driver arrested.

The trunk certainly would have accommodated quite a haul.


Sure looks a lot like a Chevy from this angle. That badge even looks like a bowtie.


The colors on it are stunning. Maybe it’s actually a roadside art installation.