Curtis Perry Outtake: Grandma’s House, 1968

CP Falcon 68

What a shot: Talk about a time machine…right down to the tv antenna on the chimney (they’re back in again, for the highest quality digital broadcast tv). And in 1968, UHF TV was starting to get more common. Back to the Falcon:

The 1966 – 1969 Falcon was such a dud. Despite being essentially all new, sales dropped in 1966, below 200k for the first time ever. In 1967, they dropped to an abysmal 67k. And in 1970, it went away, after a a short year, as Ford couldn’t be bothered to update it for new 1970 safety regulations. Well, th elate 60s were a pretty hard time for all the compacts, as the economy was booming, and everyone wanted a Mustang or Malibu or such. But that all changed again starting in 1969, with the Maverick, followed by the huge success of the Duster. Stereotypes always fail, but these Falcons were the quintessential spinster-widow mobile. So why isn’t it in the garage, where it belongs?