Curtis Perry Outtake: Welcome To Hackberry, Arizona

CP Hackberry 1

Curtis Perry has uploaded a slew of new photos to the Cohort, and I’m getting behind, as there’s so many more yet to post here. These shots are from Hackberry, Arizona, and we can be certain of one thing: cars don’t rust, at least not in the usual sense. Yes, the paint falls off, like on this one in the front (Chevy?), but that’s just a really good deep suntan. Nothing a good bead-blast session won’t fix.

CP Hackberry 2

This pink wagon caught my attention, and I can identify it too. It’s a 1959 Mercury Voyager station wagon, and a genuine hardtop at that. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen one; these were uncommon to see even in the early 60s. Actually, all ’59 Mercury wagons were hardtops, even the cheapest two-door Commuter. That’s pretty odd, actually. But then so was just about everything with Mercury, in 1959 and 1960.

CP Hackberry 4

The sign on the fence says “Limit 10 Gal”. That’s not going to get this barge very far down the road. Its 332 hp 383 MEL V8 is as thirsty as a cowboy after a long roundup. You’d be lucky to get a hundred miles away from Hackberry with that much in the tank. Maybe that’s why it was abandoned here?

CP Hackberry 3

And if you try to break that 10 gallon rule, the sheriff of Hackberry will be in hot pursuit. The little 283 in his ’65 Biscayne might have trouble keeping up with the big Marauder V8, but it’ll still have plenty of gas left when the Mercury runs dry. Which it will. Everything runs dry in Hackberry.