Curtis Perry Outtake: “You Bend Em, We Mend Em” – Delivery Vehicles; Old and Not Quite So Old

Here’s a couple of fine delivery vehicles from different eras in front of a body shop. The shop’s name reminds me of a body shop in downtown Iowa City called “You Smash Them, We Fix Them”.  It was my first exposure to the whole concept of a body shop; up to that point I had never really thought of what happens to cars after they get bent up. It was very intriguing to look into their windows and see all sorts of surgery going on. It reminded me a bit of the hospital where my dad worked.

Let’s take a closer look at that fine old Chevy:


It looks delightfully original, which is not exactly a common thing with vintage sedan deliveries, as they have always seemed to attract a certain type of surgeon owner than other body styles.