Curtis Perry Outtakes: Eternally Young Oldsmobiles

Olds 1970 cutlass 4 door CP

The other day I shared some of Curtis Perry’s shots of Oldsmobiles in retirement. That is always a somewhat gloomy subject, so today let’s perk up the mood a bit with some Oldses still hale and hearty. This shot of a 1970 Cutlass Supreme four door hardtop in the parking lot of the Hilltop House Restaurant in North Bend, OR, is a gem. Suddenly its 1970! The Hilltop looks to have been built a few years earlier than that, but then architectural design on the coast of Oregon can be a bit…behind the times.

Hilltop house gorgeous-views

Since I had to do a bit og Googling to find out where the Hilltop was, here’s the view from the table that someone posted. Classic Oregon coast; there’s a lot of time capsule places like this out here, and next time we’re in North Bend, we’ll have to eat there. Seafood, naturally.

Olds 1976 Cutlass CP

Let’s move the time machine up five years, and savor this very delicious 1975 Cutlass Colonnade coupe shot in Portlandia. With all those rippling muscles showing on its flanks, it looks like it’s been working out to keep its youthful figure. And a Toyota van is trying to nose into the shot.

Olds 1980 cutlass coupe CP

And let’s bump up the time machine four more years, to when this ’79 Cutlass Supreme coupe was new. It too looks fresh as a Newmobile.

Olds 1988 Cutlass coupe CP

This circa 1988 Cutlass Supreme looks a bit less new. Do older Olds age faster?

Olds 1992 98 PC

Last stop is 1993, when this pristine Ninety Eight first prowled the streets of Green River, Utah. These 98s had a rep for shedding their cheap plasti-chrome trim, but that missing line on the upper part of the back door looks like it was a pinstripe. Do those detach too?