Classic CC Capsule: 1981 El Oldsmopile

I’ve ragged on about GM’s badge-engineering Deadly Sins, but like all sins, one has to learn to take advantage of them. Tired of your Chevy El Camino’s dull and boring front end? A complete face transplant awaits at the Pick and Pull. What will this summer’s fashionable El Camino wear? Pontiac? Buick? Naw; an Oldsmobile.

Just make sure to pick up some of the Oldsmobile badges while you’re there, to make the transformation complete.

And don’t just stop with the front clip; get the doors too, so that you can enjoy the upgraded comfort of genuine Cutlass Brougham door trim. And are those Cutlass seats as well? Only the hard core Cutlassphiles can tell us that. A dash transplant get a bit more complicated though…

There’s just the problem of the non-matching paint. That’s why I always drive a white car; one can always find suitable donor cars in that color. I’m trying to figure out what new front clip I can graft onto my Xb; I’m getting tired of it. Too bad they didn’t make a Lexus version.