Perry Curtis Outtake: 1941 Cadillac – Bible Club PDX

CP 1941 Cad f

Curtis Perry posted this shot that he took just this past Saturday night. It’s titled “Bible Club PDX”. I had too Google it to find out that it’s a recently opened retro “secret speakeasy”, with no signs, and very extensively decorated in period furnishings. Well, that does rather explain the ’41 Caddy in the driveway.

Bible club b

Since I was looking at the pictures of the inside, I might as well share a couple of them, as the decor is quite elaborate. The name comes from a genuine speakeasy in Portland from the Prohibition era.

Bible club int a

I feel like I’d have to get dressed in proper period attire to show up.

CP 1941 cad 63

I wonder of the Caddy is now a permanent fixture, to help folks find it, since there’s no signage anywhere. It’s a pretty obvious landmark. Maybe too much so; wouldn’t want the feds to find out.