Curtis Perry Outtake: Deno’s 6 & 85 – Oldest Truck Stop In Colorado Finally Closed

Curtis Perry has uploaded another trove of pictures from his travels in the West a few years back. This one caught my eye, for obvious reasons. Deno’s is in Denver, Colorado, and the 6 & 85 undoubtedly referred to the old two-lane highways this truck stop once served after it was built in 1947, which makes it the oldest truck stop in the state. I was intrigued enough to Google a bit, and found out that the timing of this post is a bit auspicious, as Deno’s finally closed in almost exactly a month ago.

Their website is still active, and here’s a picture of the inside. very vintage indeed. Actually, it appears Deno’s closed once before in about 2000, and the re-opened. But this time it appears to be permanent.


These two veterans from the seventies fit right in. I’ve never seen anyone put on reflective stripes like these on the side of their car. Maybe they got T-boned once?

Anyone ever been there?